Best TV Restaurant Hangouts We Wish We Could Visit In Real Life

While there’s probably a long list of things to remember, like who’s the Secretary of State and how to balance your checkbook, we’re willing to bet you can list a whole host of restaurants, bars, and cafes from your favorite TV show. Here are some of the most memorable things we would like to unwind in. Central morale boost

Central morale boost

Lots of people tune in every week to watch Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Ross, Chandler, and Joey spend time in Central Perk, discussing their latest antics and making lots of memories. Who can forget the classic cafe where “Smelly Cat” and “How you are” first appeared in our lives? Best of all, you can now visit a replica in New York City, so die-hard fans can pose for a picture on the famous orange sofa while sipping delicious coffee.


Sometimes you have to go where everyone knows your name, and the cool thing is that you can actually visit Cheers in real life. Although it’s not quite the same from the show, you can definitely feel the same sense of the bar if you’re in Boston. Run by Sam Malone with bartender Carla, Diane, Fraser, Norm, Cliff, Coach and Woody, this cozy bar truly feels like a home away from home. cheers


Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer spent countless moments talking about pretty much nothing at Monk’s, an Upper West Side restaurant conveniently located near Jerry’s Place. While they visit other restaurants during the show, such as the Chinese restaurant, Monk’s will always be the iconic venue for this beloved show. monk

McLaren Pub

MacLaren was the hit show in the early 2000s How I Met Your Mother’s Answer to Friends’ Central Perk. Instead of showing the group hanging out in a café, they spend most of their time making crazy bets, exchanging stories, and engaging in public frolic around a beer at MacLaren. If you feel like visiting, take a trip to McGee’s, the real-life New York City bar that inspired the show’s version. McLaren Pub

Joe Bar

Any fan of Gray’s Anatomy will recognize this name and instantly smile. Joe’s Bar is where the show’s trainees, doctors, and medical staff go to blow off some steam, which they totally deserve given the fact that in addition to being in the medical field, they seem to have experienced any major disaster in life that could throw your way. It’s also where she first met Meredith McDreamy. Joe Bar

Luke’s dinner

Luke’s Diner was a second home for Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, getting their beloved coffee along with endless donuts, pancakes, hamburgers, and whatever other delicious dinner fare Luke (sometimes reluctantly) would fix for them. Many of their signature conversations took place here, and it’s quite an integral part of the show. Luke’s dinner

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