Restaurants that give free gifts for your birthday

The best part about celebrating your birthday is that everyone loves to do nice things for you. This includes many restaurants that give away free stuff, often free delicious stuff, for your birthday. The only problem is knowing exactly which restaurants offer these offers. Now you don’t have to worry or scramble to find out this precious information anymore. Here are some places where you can enjoy Christmas giveaways. Apple Bee’s

Apple Bee’s

Applebee brings you a free dessert with “Happy Birthday” song to sit at the table. If you become a member of Applebee’s Eclub, you will also be processed for free admission.


Arby’s is giving away a free 12-ounce milkshake to anyone on their birthday. grope

the African Union

You can get a free sandwich or salad at Au Bon Pain on your birthday. We’re not sure who would go for a free salad on their birthday, but hey, the option is there if you need. the African Union

Baskin Robbins

Enjoy a free scoop of ice cream or a treat on your birthday at Baskin Robbins. You can also get $3 off an ice cream cake. Baskin Robbins

Ben and Jerry

You can get a free scoop of ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s on your birthday, as well as get $3 off an ice cream cake. Ben and Jerry


You can get a free Bo-Berry cookie with any purchase when you become an E-Club member on your birthday. Bojangles

Cheesecake Factory

You can get a free cup of ice cream with the song “Happy Birthday” on your big day. Cheesecake Factory

chips barrel

You can get free candy here on your birthday. chips barrel


You can have a grand slam breakfast with a birthday song at Denny’s. religious

I wish

At IHOP you can get a free meal on your birthday. I wish

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