The best items you can get in Cinnabon

Cinnabon was really a cronut in the early 2000’s. If you were a teenager during these years, you likely spent most of your time in the mall, and you likely felt tempted every time you walked past a Cinnabon and that inviting smell wafted your way. You may have written a post in a post about it on your MySpace site. Anyway, we digress. Still alive and well, Cinnabon has a lot to offer for those who love this delicious combination of cinnamon, sourdough, and delicious toppings. Here are some of the best things you can have in Cinnabon. Cinnabon cake

Classic Roll

Of course, there’s really something wrong with the classic cinnamon roll. The mega roll, served warm, comes with a thick drizzle of ice that will take you back to your middle school glory days. This delicious combination will never get old. Classic Cinnamon Roll

lap center

We all know the absolute best part of a cinnamon roll is the last one: the middle, full of cinnamon sugar goodness. Did you know you can only buy this part? This way, you can enjoy the best piece of your cinnamon roll without all the mess of reaching the middle. It’s a civilized way to enjoy a cinnamon roll if you ask us. Center of the Roll

Cinnabon Sticks

While you might expect these to be dry and possibly churros-like, Cinnabon Stix are actually incredibly rich and delicious pastries. They kind of taste like a mixture of cinnamon rolls and buttered croissants, and who can complain about that? These also come with frosting for dipping. Cinnabon Sticks

frozen lemonade

Well, we know this doesn’t contain any cinnamon, but hear us out. The frozen lemonade of Cinnabon is very tart and refreshing. It’s actually the perfect way to balance out the sweetness of a cinnamon roll – or five – that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Frozen raspberry lemonade is also a contender. frozen lemonade

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