There’s a new cookie flavor for Girl Scouts to take over the craze

This time of year may bring cool weather, but it also means something really exciting: It’s Girl Scout season once again. It’s time to prepare your labs with the tastiest cookies we look forward to every year again. This year, in addition to the lovable cookies we all know and love, there’s a whole new flavor in town. New Adventure Cookies The new added cookies to the list are called Adventurefuls, and we’re willing to bet you’ll add them to your favourites, and they might actually move to the top of the list. If you are a fan of chocolate cake, this is especially true. The Adventurers are inspired by caramel cake and feature a chocolate brownie flavored round biscuit with a chocolate coating on the bottom with a sticky caramel center that has a nice texture that won’t stick to your teeth. They really are so delicious, it would be hard to stop at just one cookie…and maybe even just one packet. New Cookies Join the Beloved Line Of Girl Scout Cookies Collection If you’re worried about getting adventurous, along with your favorite Girl Scout cookies like Samoas, Thin Mint and Trefoils, don’t worry. After the hardships of the pandemic, the Girl Scouts began getting creative in order to get people cookies. They have found a myriad of innovative ways to keep cookies running, and in 2022, they will continue to sell cookies in person as usual, but almost also in order to keep pace with the times and the unfortunate persistence of the pandemic. Not only will you be able to get it online, but it will be available to order on DoorDash. Simply search for “Girl Scout cookies” on your DoorDash app and check if the delivery option is available where you live. Which one is your favourite?

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