Two M&M factory workers have been trapped in a bowl of chocolate for over an hour

While you might think swimming in a tub of chocolate sounds like a dream, you might want to think about it again. Think back to the scene where Augustus Gloop fell into the River of Chocolate. Well, two employees working at the M&M plant in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, experienced this nightmare themselves.

Employees were trapped for more than an hour and according to a report in Food & Wine, workers became trapped in the chocolate that was waist-high. They said they had been wading through chocolate that was “kinda dry” for about an hour before firefighters showed up to rescue them. However, the rescue mission was not so simple. It wasn’t just about getting them out of the chocolate. Lancaster County 911 Dispatch Communications Supervisor Brad Wolf shared: “The fire brigades have gotten rid of pulling them straight out of the tank. They have to cut a hole in the side of the tank to get them out.” Firefighters came to rescue workers from chocolate after a giant chocolate mess, Lancaster County 911 Dispatch Assistant Superintendent Nick Schoenberger told CNN: “One patient was transferred [to a hospital] By road and one person was transported by helicopter.” It remains unclear how the workers ended up stopping in the first place, nor is it clear if they sustained any serious injuries before or during the rescue mission. This is not the first time In 2018, Westönnen, Germany, was flooded with chocolate after a leak from a storage container at the FreiMeister factory.The streets were completely covered, and before firefighters could shovel the chocolate, hot water had to be poured into Streets to lubricate spilled chocolate. What might sound like a dream was actually a nightmare

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